D.O.C. Priorat
Única denominación de origen calificada en Catalunya
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Vinicola del Priorat

The D.O.

The July 23, 1954 the first regulation of the DO Priorat was approved. The existence of the designation of origin at the time meant to provide expectations for the area, which was hard hit by the crises and widespread depopulation of rural areas. In 2000 , in view of the great recognition for quality and specificity, the average price at which the grapes are paid and compliance with various decrees and regulations were buying wines from Priorat was decided to request the recognition of Denomination of Origin. geography Geology and Climate The area includes the municipalities of name : Bellmunt del Priorat , Falset (partly), Gratallops the Lloar , El Molar ( partially) , La Morera de Montsant , Poboleda , Porrer Torroja del Priorat , the High and Low Vilella Vilella . The characteristic feature of the name is the slate floor , slate type stone , gray and rough. Geography is abrupt , with such steep slopes to be constructed terraces for growing grapes . Heat stroke is high , rainfall is scarce and the temperature variation can be up to twenty degrees. These geographic and climatic conditions result in very low yields of grapes which give the wine a very unique personality . The wines of Priorat DOQ The success of the wines of Priorat has a quantitative dimension and another , perhaps more important , qualitative . The region whose name traditionally associated with high alcohol wines , mostly destined for sale in bulk, today produces wines of the highest quality , meeting the most demanding palates. In a quarter century , Priorat has gone from having four bottlers have 96 wineries . Grape varieties authorized inks Grenache Noir , Carignan , Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot , Syrah white Garnacha Blanca , Macabeo , Pedro Ximenez Wine Types White, Rose , Red, Sweet and stale

Varieties of the D.O.

  • Macabeo
  • Red Grenache
  • Merlot
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Syrah
  • Garnacha Blanca
  • Pedro Ximénez
  • Cariñena