D.O. Montsant
Garnacha y cariñena, las variedades autóctonas de Montsant
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The D.O.

Grenache and Carignan , the native varieties of Montsant , are the essence of their wines For 10 years, the Montsant and wineries have had to face a great challenge : to break into the competitive and demanding market of wine. The Montsant product is differentiated by the focus on indigenous varieties . Grenache and Carignan , soils of Montsant , together with the weather and the mixture subsequently introduced varieties ( cabernet , syrah , merlot ... ) , just setting some excellent wines . And in this pursuit of excellence the other part of the credit goes to winemakers and wineries. In this sense, Montsant is distinguished by its production spread from large cooperatives to small family wineries , and the dedication of the young educated winemakers in the area and European winemakers have also been attracted to Montsant. But despite these two dualities , large - and small - indigenous outsiders, there is unanimity in the final result . The accolades for the quality of the wines produced in Montsant fall in both of others. The Montsant is a land where the scenery and wine have gone hand in hand throughout the centuries and where even the old vines , kept as true treasures have capitalized history . Since the PDO landscape is understood as an element of identity, but also as a cultural value . Grape varieties authorized inks Grenache , Carignan Mixtures are also supported with French varieties Wine Types Pink , Red, White , Sweet

Varieties of the D.O.

  • Red Grenache
  • Cariñena