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The land of the Penedès is wide open is ? Extends along ? Great strip of land between sea and mountains, halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona. Within this natural setting , our wines come from the best vineyards in the area selected . All At the heart of the Catalan pre-coastal depression between the coastal mountain range and small plains of the Mediterranean coast, mature vines of the Penedès. Three distinct areas constitute DO : Penedès Superior ( near the pre-coastal mountain range ), the Maritime Penedès ( next to the sea and the coastal mountain range ) and the Central Penedès (between one and zone ? Another ) . microclimates Designation of ? Penedès has ? Many different microclimates , a result of the proximity of the coast and ? Altitude. The climate is typically Mediterranean , ie , soft and warm . The Maritime Penedès region ( Lower Penedès and Garraf ) is tempered by the influence and proximity to the sea. The Upper Penedès ( Alt Penedès , Alt Camp, Anoia Barcelona) enjoys more rainfall and more frequent contrast between maximum and minimum temperatures . The Central Penedès ( primarily Alt Penedès ) is a compendium of ? Both microclimates . singularity Uniqueness in the Penedès is the diversity of its wines. Thousand flavors , aromas , bodies and structures ... are the result of differences in climate , landscape and the richness and variety of soils that form , dyed green mountains and plains and the blue Mediterranean waters .

Varieties of the D.O.