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The word Miscelánia (Miscellaneous) refers to a combination or selection. In our opinion, it also suggests rest, years and dates to remember and to celebrate. We decided to add the essence of the grapevine - our passion and our reason for existing - to this significant symbolism, and the word Viscelania took on full meaning for us.

For this reason, Viscelania is a compendium of all the above; the meticulous selection of different varieties of wines, cavas and liqueurs, a compilation of the best vintages and designations of origin; a label created to allow you to celebrate and enjoy special moments.

Viscelania is the commitment of the exclusive dedication of a team of professionals who have joined forces to share their enormous experience and their passion for wines and cavas and a boundless curiosity in searching for new products, in order to find the perfect balance between products for mass consumption and more exclusive vintages.

We are national distributors and international exporters. We also import from various international wineries on an exclusive basis.

Consequently, our product range was set up to respond to the needs of an increasingly more demanding and competitive market. We thank you for your trust and in return, we are proud to offer you a selection of products designed to achieve a goal that is very difficult in this day and age, that of surprising our customers.

Let’s drink to that.